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FREE RM30 Home Voice credit

Call to mobile, fixed numbers and IDD destinations from your DECT phone (not provided) with any of the above plans!

No monthly fees - Unlimited Free Calls to Maxis Fixed Lines

  • 24-month contract is applicable to all plans.
  • DECT Phone not provided in the package.
  • Termination fee of RM500 is applicable if termination is within contract period.
  • A RM75 phone service deposit for Malaysians is waived until further notice. RM500 deposit for non-Malaysians is applicable.
  • Upon completion of free minutes: Subsequent call charges to Maxis mobile and non-Maxis mobile is RM0.09/min. Call charges to non-Maxis fixed lines are RM0.05/min (local calls) and RM0.09/min (nationwide calls). Calls to Maxis mobile are charged based on 20-second blocks.
  • Calls to IDD destinations are charged based on 6-second blocks.

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